Friday, April 5, 2013

Some Concept Art for you...

A few months ago I took classes at a great place called Studio Arts which gives further training  to working professionals in the Animation Industry. This place was a G-d send and came in to my life at exactly the right time. One of my favorite classes there was 'Concept Design 101' taught by the great Alex Ruiz

I'd always wanted to be a concept designer and Alex showed us a lot of really great techniques. Here are just a couple of the designs I did under his tutelage.
The Orange Creamsicles of the Mojave Desert.

Rough sketch of Sasquatch strolling through the woods. 

 Final version. Even though I'd put a lot of detail in to it, Alex suggested I make it a lot darker once I told him what I was going for. I was trying to capture a specific moment here. A split second in the dark where you say to yourself "Did i just see what I think I saw?"

A futuristic/Alien/Cubist structure

More to follow soon.....